February 27, 2014

Songs From The Real World CD Sold Out!

Songs From The Real World CD has now sold out. CDBaby in the USA still has some stock, but once those have sold that's it for the forseeable future.

However you can still download it from bandcamp, iTunes, amazon and CDBaby

February 5, 2014

Kilbey Kennedy New Limited Edition Vinyl!

Hallelujah! Our latest album You Are Everything is coming to VINYL in March 2014. You can pre-order it here:

Piccadilly Records
Norman Records
The album was remastered for vinyl and will come with a bonus disc of remixes (same as the bonus disc from the double CD edition plus new remixes exclusive to the vinyl) and a download card. 

This is our first vinyl ever release together and possibly the first Kilbey-related vinyl since The Church 'Untitled 23'. It will be limited to 500 copies so snap one up quickly. Order one to play and one for your collection!

The vinyl LP edition will be released on UK label Agitated who specialize in psychedelic rock and indie and will ONLY be available to order from the UK outlets listed above (more will be added to this list soon) but they do ship internationally and at far cheaper postage prices than from Australia. The LP will not be available from the KK website or the thetimebeing.

January 24, 2014

Songs From the Real World

For those who came in late our new album of commissioned songs is out now! Fourteen of our favourite commissioned songs 2011-2012 plus a brand new track! The CD is packaged in a digipack with beautiful artwork by 1970/80s fantasy artist Steve R Dodd. 

The album is available now from:

November 21, 2013

Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy New Album 'Songs from the Real World'

It may seem like the Kilbey Kennedy machine has been a bit quiet of late, but behind the curtains we have been conjuring up many new delights for you. Without further adieu:

Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy 'Songs from the Real World (Commissioned Songs)'

Fourteen of our favourite commissioned songs 2011-2012 plus a brand new track! The CD is packaged in a digipack with beautiful artwork by 1970/80s fantasy artist Steve R Dodd.

The CD is expected to ship on or around December 10 2013

songs from the real world for the real world. martin and i had been kicking this idea around for awhile. it gave us a chance to be real artisans and apply our craft to tailor made songs about things the person who commissioned the song wanted to hear sung and expressed. almost everybody except for one client was happy.

the songs were created from the ground up. martin would prepare the loveliest instrumental tracks he dreamed up whilst bearing the clients request in mind. then i would try to incorporate their thoughts as lyrics into the songs. And find melodies and places to sing them. finally martin would jig my stuff a bit and mix it all down.

people wanted songs about all kinds of things. their boyfriends and girlfriends and children and places and even abstract concepts. the challenge was on though: could martin and i deliver songs as good as our “real” songs. the answer is yes as far as i am concerned. some of these songs carry even more oomph and mojo and they are heartfelt all the way down the line and finished off with love. just what youd expect from 2 craftsmen who sculpt in song.

ok, a further song is “more of the same” which is a brand new song written specially for this album. we hope you really enjoy this record.

- sk bondi beach november 2013

Many thanks and much love to all our commissioners. To those whose song did not make it on to this album, Volume 2 is in the works!

November 20, 2013

Secret Show

A great night was had by all at Lisa Gibbs' (Kilbey Kennedy bass player) birthday last week. Martin and Steve played I Wouldn't Know and Steve played a few songs with GB3

September 7, 2013

Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy sign with CINE-CHIC

Very excited to announce CINE-CHIC has signed us for Song Placement to TV/FILM/COMMERCIALS for North America!

August 31, 2013

Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy on Echoes

If you missed our in depth interview on Echoes radio last week its now available as a podcast on iTunes! Click here to hear the interview.